VPI 299D Limited Edition Tube Integrated Amplifier

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VPI 299D Limited Edition

Okay kids... Before we start class, I need to cover something. You don’t want to buy this amp from someplace that knows nothing about tubes. I promise you that we will give you the best price. Period. If that is not true you call Uncle Kevvy at toll-free at 844-luv-hifi (844-588-4434) and tell me what’s up. They made 100 of these, and we bought more of them than any other dealer. We sell more of them because it is a tube amp…a fabulous one…but depending on your speakers I can show you how to simply and easily fine-tune this amp to your tastes and needs. They don’t call me the Tube Guru for nothing.

So it is a great amp. I want you to call me and we will make sure you are on the sunny side of the street and I will advise you on how to get PERFECT synergy.


Power Output. ( Standard come with
EL-34 Match-Q.Switchable to KT-88

2 x 38W / EL-34 (8Ω, Ultra linear). ( KT-88 /40-Watts)
2 x 20W / EL-34 (8Ω, Triode). ( KT-88 /20-Watts)

Tube Complement

4 x EL-34, ( or KT-88 ), 4 x 12AU7, & 1 x 5AR4

Frequency Response

9 Hz ~ 52 Hz (-3 dB)


1% (1kHz)

S/N Ratio

89 dB

Input Sensitivity

400 mV, 600 mV ( Pre-in)

Input Impedance


Output Impedance

4Ω, 8Ω

Classic Design Special-1

Headphone Output

Classic Design Special-2

Tone & Treble Control

MM Phono Total Gain

~ 45 dB ( Upgrade )

Input impedance

47.0-K Ohm

Power Consumption

AC-120 Volts @ 280 Watts


~ 68 Pound ( Ship with Double Box )


90 Day for Tubes & 3 Year For Amplifier

Size W x D x H inch

16 x 15 x 7

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