VPI Fatboy 12" Tonearm (Gimbaled)

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VPI Fatboy 12" Tonearm (Gimbaled)

cert15.jpgUpscale Audio is the only VPI dealer in California that is VPI Trained & Certified to handle all of your VPI needs!


Limited Time Trade-In Offer! While supplies last.

Trade in your current 12-inch VPI tonearm and receive up to 75% of retail pricing as a discount on your new VPI Fatboy!
Only $1599.99 with any VPI JMW-12 3DR Tonearm Armwand trade in!
Only $2124.99 with any VPI JMW-12 3D Tonearm Armwand trade in!
Only $2649.99 with any VPI JMW-12 (Metal) Tonearm Armwand trade in!

If you have an armwand to trade, please call us before you place your order!

VPI's most rigid tonearm armwand ever delivers unparalleled dynamic range!

First ever gimbaled 3D-printed tonearm armwand! 

Increased dynamics, better bass, tighter mids, airy highs; the Fatboy is a significant upgrade over even the JMW 3D arms!

Convert Your VPI Table To Gimbaled Tonearm! A Great Upgrade For Most VPI Uni-Pivot Style Tonearms!