Used Equipment FAQ

We get tons of calls and emails regarding the used equipment listed on our website. Many of these questions have the same answer, so please read over the FAQ below before calling or emailing us. This will save us time, and you don't have to wait for us to call you back or reply to your email. Sometimes we get backed up and it may take a day or two before we can get to your email.

#1. How old is the unit?

Unless stated in the listing, we don't know. Most of the used gear listed we are not a dealer for. That's why we list serial numbers. If you call the manufacturer with that number, they may be able to tell you how old it is.

#2. Is this unit a Mk 2, Mk 3, Mk whatever revision alpha centauri 350?

If we know, we will say so in the listing. We do our best to give you the most accurate information we can. Again, call the manufacturer with the serial number and may supply you with that information.

#2a. What's the different between a Mk1 and a Mk2?

If it is a product we carry in our standard line-up I may know the answer, but if you are asking about a used item that is not part of our normal inventory your best bet is to contact the manufacturer. Some manufacturers might have that info readily available on their website and often doing a little research online will answer that question much better than I could.

#3. What's the difference between "show piece," "demo," and "open stock" in your listings?

Factory sealed: Just as the term implies, the unit is sealed and un-opened. Typically these are overstock items, or are not in our lineup any longer. If any warranty still exists from the manufacturer it will be stated in the listing.

Show piece: Manufacturers bring samples to trade shows which are played about 60 hours. Some are never plugged in. At the end of the show, these vendors must pack and ship these products back home at great expense. The Upscale Audio crew packs it and puts in on our truck, paying them for it on the spot so they get the money and go to dinner. So we are a hero to them for getting it out and hopefully a hero to you for getting you a deal. Usually these are the latest gear, so we are not allowed to put sale prices on our website. Call us when it is “time appropriate” meaning you got da money and OK from the spouse. Not a next week or next month deal. If any warranty still exists from the manufacturer it will be stated in the listing.

Demo: Unit was a model on display in our show room. We are selling it because the model is no longer available, or because we put up a newer model in its place. Most of the gear in our show room rarely gets plugged in. We are very meticulous with our gear, and go through great lengths to make sure it stays absolutely mint. If any warranty still exists from the manufacturer it will be stated in the listing.

Open stock: Unit that may be opened for any number of reasons: We needed to borrow the remote. Customer exchanged for different color or model within a short period of time. Used for photos. Sometimes manufacturers or distributors offer open stock items at special prices. If any warranty still exists from the manufacturer it will be stated in the listing.

#4. Does this used unit have a warranty?

Used gear typically will not have a warranty. Most manufacturers do not transfer warranties beyond the original purchaser. Those that do typically require the piece to be re-sold from an authorized retailer. Call the manufacturer for details on warranties. Unless stated otherwise in the listing, we guarantee your used item to arrive in working order and as described in the listing only. As stated above, new, show piece, open stock, or demo items will carry the regular factory warranty, unless otherwise stated in the listing.

#5. What condition is the unit in?

Again, we do our best to give you the most accurate information we can. If the item you're interested in has any cosmetic flaws, we will disclose them in the listing, and take pictures when appropriate. Most items listed will have a picture of the actual piece that you can look at, regardless of it having blemishes or not. If we do not list any blemishes, then there are no blemishes. If we have a piece with a known mechanical defect, we will not list it for sale until it has been repaired.

#6. Does the unit have it's original packing, manual, etc.?

We list everything that is included. If the item is missing the original box or manual, we will state as such in the ad. Many companies now allow you to download and print manuals online, so if the item is missing the original manual, we will try and download a copy to include. If it is missing the box, we take great care by double boxing each piece prior to shipping.

#7. I heard that So & So made some changes to this amp, but did not change the model name. Is this the latest model?

Unless we state this information in the listing, I don't know. Call the manufacturer with the serial number and they can give you those specific details.

#8. I am overseas. Will this item work with my voltages?

This one is often very tricky, so we prefer you contact the equipment's manufacturer. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of any electrical component used overseas.

#9. Will this item work well with my current system? I'm using...

If it is an item that we are an authorized retailer for, and we've at least heard of your gear, we may be able to offer some insight. If it is an item not in our current line-up, we don't want to comment. We do not give phony comparisons here just to make a buck. Your best route may be to visit online web forums and find folks who have used the gear you're interested in. Trust me... someone's out there.

#10. Can I set up an audition for an item listed here?

We do not audition any gear listed on this page. No exceptions. Items that are listed on our New & Used Specials page are boxed up and ready to ship. This is to help make sure the items are not damaged. If you are local and wish to inspect the unit prior to purchase that is fine, but we will not hook it up so you can listen to it.

#11. What's your return policy on used equipment?

All sales on used equipment are final. No refunds or exchanges. No exceptions. If the item is DOA, it is the customer's responsibility to report any technical problems with their used item within 48 hours of receipt. If the item does arrive DOA, we will pay for the repairs, or simply refund the purchase price. Shipping is not refundable under any circumstances.