Telefunken E88CC / 6922

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his is a $300 tube and will go back up. You guys gotta slow down on these or I have to raise the price!! Like all pre-amp tubes, we grade each one in a single tube phono stage, listening with headphones.

I fought to get these. I traveled all the way to Europe to make this deal and bought each and every tube. This deal cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Other tube dealers have such small stocks, and very little to invest, that they couldn’t have done it. I knew that if I didn’t fly there and seal the deal myself NOW that these would have ended up in Korea or Japan where they DO have the money. Remember: I buy only the finest because Upscale Audio has a reputation to protect.

Made in the 1960's, with varying date codes from 1966 to 1968, made in Ulm Germany. This is the best made Telefunken 6922 / CCa / 7308 I have ever encountered. In fact... it's the best testing tube I have ever had here regardless of brand. Not only do they test at 100% or more for emissions and transconductance on both our Amplitrex and Triplett 3444A, 97% of them test to our Platinum grade standards... meaning a triode balance of 10% or tighter. I challenge anybody to come here and see how they test in person. I will take master packs of 100, and you pick one at random, and we’ll test it.

These are shockingly good, so neutral and beautiful sounding you will name your next child after me. So why are they at this price? I found one nice whack of them, and bought them all. This price will go back up as we sell through them. It is easliy the most exciting find I have made EVER.

Come here and I will show you the quality of a real premium new old stock tube. Look at the original shipping cartons and the pins. Absolute perfection. I have the money and the stock so while others have 20 pieces of a Mullard 12AX7, I have thousands. We stock a multi-million dollar inventory. We’ll show you. Remember small signal tubs like 6922's are typically good for about 10,000 hours so if you break it down your cost is a few pennies an hour.

Click here for a more in depth discussion on how we grade tubes.

Price above is for a single tube.

All of these have been graded for noise and microphony in a simulated phono stage, using headphones. Without a doubt, this is the finest batch of 6DJ8/6922/7308/CCa I have ever found.

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