Pathos Logos Mk II Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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Pathos Logos Mk II Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier


Pathos issues new models only when there is a substantial and meaningful new idea to offer. And so after more than 10 years since the introduction of the integrated Logos, Pathos presents the MKII.

The Logos Mk II is a hybrid amplifier delivering 110 W per channel into 8 ohm, and 220 W into 4 ohm. It uses ECC88 preamp tubes, and an end-stage class A / B Mosfet. A strongly polarized, fully balanced signal up to the tubes takes full advantage of balanced sources such as the Pathos Digit and Pathos Endorphin. The volume control uses purely resistive analog circuitry with digital control. The Logo Mk II offers constant input and output impedance, and its lamellar resin encapsulated transformer ensures minimal vibration and electromagnetic interference.

The new Logos has an increased anodic polarization voltage to obtain greater linearity from the tubes, and thus a general improvement of the sound, in particular, its consistency and definition. A stabilized power supply for preamp tube, and a more accurate collocation of electrolytic capacitors throughout the signal path (and in particular close to each MOSFET) allow a valuable reserve of "quick energy". This means better dynamics, detail, and sense of rhythm.

Now, volume levels can be stored for each input, and there's a standby function from the remote control. An optional high-quality 24bit 192 kHz DAC offers two S/PDIF digital inputs, and a USB input. A new Hall-effect sensor circuit offers protection from short circuits and overloads.


Type: Integrated stereo amplifier, hybrid technology.
Preamplifier stage: Tube (2 x 6922 ECC88), class A
Final stage: Mosfet, class AB
Output power: 2 x 110 W RMS @ 8 ohm (Both channels driven.)
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 140 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Max input voltage: 6 V RMS
Input sensitivity: 500 mV RMS (39 dB Gain)
Input impedance: 32 KOhm unbalanced, 20 KOhm balanced
Output polarity: Non- inverting, balanced pin 2 +
Volume regulator: Burr Brown PGA2310 (100 steps)
Damping Factor: 360 @ 8 Ohm
THD: 0.02% @ 1 W, 0.2% @ 110 W
S/N Ratio: >90 dB
Power requirements: 200 W @ 100 WPC / 130W @ zero volume < 0.5 W @ standby

Analogue line inputs: 2 x balanced XLR, 5 x RCA 
Outputs: 1 x pre out stereo, 1 x sub out mono 
Digital inputs (Optional HiDac board required): 1 x USB port type "B", 2 x S/PDIF coaxial
Dimensions: 420mm (D) x 430mm (W) x 170mm (H)
Packed dimensions: 600mm (D) x 600mm (W) x 350mm (H)
Weight (net / packed): 61.7 lb (28Kg) / 66.1 (30Kg)