VPI Scout with JMW-9 Tonearm (2016 Model CLOSE OUT PRICING!)

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This is the previous model Scout. We have the latest model available too (but not at this price).

cert15.jpgUpscale Audio is the only VPI dealer in California that is VPI Trained & Certified to handle all of your VPI needs!

The Scout has all the features you want in a high-end turntable: an outboard motor, a precision machined acrylic platter, and the amazing JMW-9 tonearm. The Scout is so simple to set-up, you can have the table up and running in just minutes. The sound is fast and detailed, closer than you might expect to the performance of VPI's reference HR-X at a fraction of its cost. The Scout is worthy of the world's finest cartridges.

The JMW-9 tonearm is the perfect complement to the Scout, offering all of the advantages of a unipivot tonearm at a bargain price. The arm has a low friction bearing mounted on a solid stainless steel rod with markings to set VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). As with the more expensive JMW-10 and JMW-12 arms, the tonearm assembly of the JMW-9 can be removed and replaced in seconds, allowing instant cartridge changes with multiple armwands. An RCA junction box allows any RCA-terminated interconnects to be used. There are two versions of the JMW-9, Standard and Signature.

The JMW-9 Standard is the award-winning stock tonearm for the Scout. A unipivot design, the JMW-9 Standard's single point of contact causes less friction than standard gimbaled designs. This means the JMW-9 Standard is quieter, more dynamic and a better tracker than most other designs. No wonder it's so popular!

Art Dudley of Stereophile, 'Go hear the VPI Scout right away. It's hard to imagine another way of spending this kind of money that will add this much to your system!'

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