VPI JMW-10 Aluminum Tonearm

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VPI JMW-10 Aluminum Tonearm

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The JMW-10.5i is clean, fast, and powerful, as well as very easy to adjust allowing the user to achieve excellent results from any cartridge.

The JMW-10.5i incorporates several significant improvements over previous generations:

Nordost Valhalla internal wire is now standard
• A secondary mounting with under-base has been placed between the arm rest and the arm lift which greatly improves rigidity. This mounting makes the JMW-10.5i the only arm that can make VTA adjustments while listening and then be locked down to be as rigid as a solid mounted arm. Although this might sound like a super-tweaky feature, it's actually extremely useful and allows the JMW-10.5i to achieve greater speed and low bass detail.
• A large knurled and calibrated VTA tower with a smooth precise feel makes it easy to set VTA during play. This is of major importance with the new set of high definition cartridges now available
• The azimuth ring on the JMW-10.5i has the larger side weights of the 12.7 for improved stability.
• Fluid damping is available for cartridges that require it (such as Grado, Clearaudio).
• All possible parameters are adjustable on these tonearms.

NOTE: The 10.5i armwand doesn't fit either 10.5 or 10 tonearm bases. The 10.5i is 12 mm longer and therefore just too big to be usable on older JMW 10" arm bases.