VPI Aries Limited Edition: the “Prime Signature on Steroids”

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VPI Aries Limited Edition

Upscale Audio purchased every Aries Limited Edition VPI could make. Due to our special buy, this $9000 package is available for a fraction of the price. This Limited Edition is truly limited. When they are gone, they are gone. Don't wait on this one.



The VPI Prime is a fabulous table and is getting even better with the release of the new Prime Signature which retails for $5999. During Kevin’s many phone calls with VPI President Mat Weisfeld, we found out that VPI was still doing customs builds of the Aries, a $9000 turntable legend that not only performs but is beautiful with its sandwiched plinth of aluminum and acrylic. While the Prime Signature looks similar to the Aries, it costs less to manufacture and is simpler in its design.

Now Upscale Audio has a special deal on the Aries Limited Edition. For a lower price than the Prime Signature you get: Upgraded plinth made of sandwiched aluminum and acrylic, a 10.5” 3D tonearm with VTA on the fly and FABULOUS Discovery tonearm wiring, 300 RPM motor in an upgraded housing, record weight, and the VPI Periphery Ring, a $1000 option that lays the edges of your records flat and gives you bass response that is incredible.

Get your Aries Limited Edition now because when they are gone, they are gone. Call 844-LUV-HIFI or 909-931-9686. And don’t forget about our VPI Superpack, which is a package price for your turntable and optional dustcover.

Table dimensions: 22" x 16" x 8" (WxDxH)