Vienna Acoustics Strauss Loudspeaker (OPEN)

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Vienna Acoustics Strauss Loudspeaker

The picture above is a stock photo, the pair we have for sale are black ash, not rosewood. They are factory sealed, A-stock. This is a simply stunning loudspeaker. Old-world craftsmanship with real wood veneers, cabinets hand-built to the highest standards, and the best drivers to create a stunning loudspeaker. To get this sort of build quality in a loudspeaker today, you'd need to spend at LEAST $10k.

Steal this speaker today for only $4699! We cannot do online ordering for this one because of their weight... it throws off our shipping calculator. Call 909-931-9686 to order!

An Ultra high-performance, large scale floor-standing loudspeaker of impeccable performance characteristics featuring a 1" silicone layered silk dome tweeter, two 7" and one 10" carbon fiber filled paper cone drivers.

System type: 3-way system, employing an integrated subwoofer Bassreflex
Frequency Response: 27-30,000 Hz
Bass Driver: VA 11" driver carbon fiber filled, air-dried paper cone
Midrange Driver: 2 x 7" driver carbon fiber filled, air-dried paper cone
Tweeter Driver: VA 1" handcoated silicone-layered silk dome 3-Neodymium-magnet consturction, center-drilled with damped chamber
Sensitivity: 90dB
Ompedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended power: Amplifiers from 50 to 400 watts
Weight per speaker: 120 lbs. / 55 kg
Dimensions: 7.7"x45.7"x16.7" (without base)

Strauss employs advanced speaker driver technology in a most special way. Designed for use in reference-quality music and film sound systems, Strauss delivers a new level of audio performance and musicality in its price class.

Strauss is capable of astonishing dynamic range, clarity and extended low frequency response that easily provides the most lifelike music and film sound reproduction you’ve ever heard. The ingeniously designed silk-dome tweeter employs three Neodymium magnets; each center drilled to create a damping chamber that eliminates dynamic compression, so open, effortless and linear high frequency response is assured.

The unique 7" dual midrange drivers are configured so that the upper unit handles the complete mid-band, while the lower driver blends in as the frequency decreases. This configuration produces a seamless transition between mid-bass octaves and effortless low frequency dynamics.

The 10"woofer subsequently functions a reproducer of only ultra-low frequencies. Crossover component parts and circuit board layout is among the most sophisticated in the industry, ensuring a highly detailed musical presentation today and for years to come.