Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand

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Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand

Scale, power and grandeur are all conferred by its name. As with all models in the Grand™ range, the composer name is selected based on the scale, complexity and power of performance for which they are best known. The term Concert Grand, like the piano of the same designation, refers to its ability to deliver this level of performance in large concert halls and music rooms.

The Beethoven Concert Grand delivers far more than just power and scale. The careful listener will delight in the lucidity and clarity of the all-important middle ranges where virtually all instruments find their tonic origins. Here it excels, with a natural ease, clarity and quietness where only a few much more expensive designs have tread. For a large-scale screening room or theater, the Concert Grand delivers even the most demanding scenes with an ease that allows for deeper immersion into the film experience. A truly extraordinary product that will re-calibrate your expectations. Handcrafted enclosures in beautiful wood finishes define the Vienna Acoustics aesthetic. The Grand Series features the following selections to complement any interior: Piano black or white, Maple, Cherry, and Rosewood.

The Beethoven Concert Grand features three 7” Spidercone bass drivers (or ULF, Ultra Low Frequency, drivers), feature a reworked motor assembly and revised placement of the XXP ribs, providing increased output, extension and control. The huge surface area that results from the use of three of these extraordinary drivers means effortless reproduction of extreme bass dynamics with articulation and force.

All bass and midrange drivers benefit from a new inverted rubber surround design and formulation that constitutes a breakthrough in no loss damping of cone edge resonances.

The 6” midrange driver benefits from a reformulation of Vienna Acoustics’ proprietary XPP cone material. Combining TPX, the unique thermoplastic used in all XPP cones, with three polypropylene based synthetics, achieves maximum inner damping, ultra-low mass, and precise control over cone density and rigidity. Dubbed X3P (X3P because of the three additional polymers in its composition) this new cone material allows the driver to provide an extraordinarily wide bandwidth, while possessing a level of inner detail, quietness, and control that is truly remarkable. All bass and midrange drivers benefit from a new inverted rubber surround design and formulation that constitutes a breakthrough in no loss damping of cone edge resonances.

The tweeter was developed by Vienna Acoustics, in conjunction with Scan Speak, resulting in greater resolution of the subtlest of high frequency impulses while maintaining the midrange warmth and clarity for which Vienna Acoustics has been renowned.

The Concert Grand uses a unique linear crossover layout, with the copper circuit paths arranged in the direction of electron flow, takes into account the potential for sympathetic and parasitic interactions among crossover components that may inject unwanted noise and distortions while allowing for more direct and efficient transfer of signal to the drivers which leads to a greater level of detail and purity.

The cabinets are all hand-built by master furniture builders in northern Italy. These cabinets boast massive baffles that are 1.6” thick, 30% thicker than previous models, for maximum rigidity and resonance control. Maple and Cherry finishes join a revised Rosewood, applied to the highest of standards using the state-of-the-art veneer-wrapping technology for the front and rear baffles first pioneered on the Classic series. A true Piano lacquer is available in white or black, the quality of which will permit inclusion into any living room as it mirrors its surroundings.