Sutherland Ph3D MM/MC Phonostage

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The Sutherland Engineering line up begins with the PH-3D phono preamplifier. It is a favorite of audiophiles, reviewers and critics. The Ph3D brings the virtues of a battery-powered phono stage to an even more affordable price point. Sutherland’s new design can be considered an introduction to high-end or a final destination – the Ph3D comfortably plays both roles. By focusing on the essential elements of “high end” values, Sutherland was able to make design decisions that deliver “high end” character and good value for the money. Everything Sutherland’s designed has resulted in rave reviews from throughout the Hi-Fi editorial community.

The Absolute Sound selected it as ‘Phono Preamplifier of the Year’ in 2007.

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• Complete isolation from the noisy AC power line.
• No chasing down elusive ground loops
• Easy-to-find, easy-to-buy, easy-to-replace D-cell battery power supply
• Low-battery indicator light
• Built-to-last, cold-roll steel with baked-on epoxy powder coating
• Complete electrostatic and magnetic shielding
• Easy internal access with stainless steel thumbscrews
• Convenient selection of five cartridge-loading values
• Convenient sleection of five gain settings
• Configured with gold-plated headers and shunts
• High contact pressure, large contact surface
• No cheap DIP rocker switches
• Dual mono circuit board layout for best channel separation


MM/MC Phono Stage
Gain Settings: 40db, 45db, 50db, 55db, 60db
Cartridge Loading: 100 ohms, 200 ohms, 1K ohms, 10K ohms, 47K ohms
Power Requirements: 16 Alkaline 'D' cells
Battery Life: greater than 1200 hours (actual power-on time) w/ stainless Steel Thumbscrews for easy access
Dual Mono Design
Size: 17" wide x 2 /14" high x 12" deep

Here's a few excerpts from reviews:

"…In the Ph3D, however, Sutherland trimmed construction costs in largely inconspicuous ways to create arguably the finest phonostage $1000 can buy…the Ph3D combines refinement, on the one hand, with a muscular, energetic sound, on the other. In short, the Ph3D offers serious high-end performance at a near-entry-level price." – The Absolute Sound 2007 Product of the Year Awards, January 2008

"Sutherland's PH3D has a simplicity and cleanliness that matches the elegance of its design...This sense of relaxed, unhurried ease allows music to develop in its own time and with its own price. Combined with the textural and temporal insights the Sutherland makes vocals come alive. Great singers capture the listener, be it Neil Young, Lou Reed or Ella, their subtle vocal inflections and mastery of phrasing and placement making their voices captivatingly expressive…For fans of vocal and acoustic recordings this could be a no-brainer." – Roy Gregory, Hi-Fi+, Issue 50

"...The first thing Ph3D users will notice is how profoundly quiet the battery-powered phonostage really is. But more importantly, the Ph3D fills the silent spaces it creates with a wealth of low-level detail that translates directly into a heightened sense of three-dimensionality and focus...musical material that normally sounds flattened in perspective suddenly snaps into sharp 3-D focus, so that the back wall of the listening seems to melt away, revealing the world of the original performance...this Sutherland is no wimp; it offers refinement and serious muscle, too...One of the most compelling aspects of the Ph3D is that it can achieve surprisingly satisfying results with modestly priced phono cartridges...the Ph3D makes a great place to stop and listen while saving up for dream phono preamps such as the Ph.D." - Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, April/May 2007

"…behind the music, it does sound drop-dead black…The Ph3D's overall tonality resembled the Grado cartridge 'house sound,' with a slightly soft top end and an overall pleasing, addictive liquidity throughout the audible bandwidth…the sound hung together from top to bottom. There wasn't a hard edge to be heard anywhere…if your system sounds a bit fizzy and tight, the Ph3D could be the ticket to sonic happiness, regardless of what kind of music you listen to." – Michael Fremer, Stereophile, March 2007

"It is one thing to achieve great results with a $3K phono preamplifier (Sutherland PHD) and quite another to do so with a product designed to sell for one-third that price - yet this is precisely the goal Sutherland set for his latest creation, the $1000 Ph3D phonostage. Does the Ph3D succeed in its mission? You bet it does, and in ways that may introduce many budget-conscious enthusiasts to levels of analog excellence they have never experienced before." - Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound (TAS) April/May 2007

"[Upon listening to Rickie Lee Jones' self-titled album] On 'Easy Money', I found the Sutherland very enjoyable, sounding almost jaunty. The familiar doublebass intro was nicely full but still rhythmically commanding. Rickie Lee's vocal was clear and limpid, with a feel of studio ambience around it. The rhythm throughout the song had a gently insistent bounce, and the drummer's brushwork was beautifully conveyed. Above all, you could believe that these musicians were not just dubbing parts over existing tracks. They really were playing together." - April 2010, Hi-Fi News, UK