MartinLogan Summit X Loudspeakers (pair)

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MartinLogan Summit X Loudspeakers (pair)

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The Summit X
takes everything that was great about the original Summit and makes it better. Vojtko Voiced™ with a redesigned crossover and electronics, Summit X brings the magical electrostatic mid-range clarity of the CLX to a smaller package. Controlled Dispersion PoweredForce woofers tailor output to provide a low-frequency dispersion pattern at the crossover point mimicking that of our Controlled Dispersion XStat transducers. This breakthrough design provides dynamic, room filling bass at the lowest frequencies. By subtly shifting woofer phasing as it approaches the crossover frequency we minimize side-wall reflections and reduce problematic room interactions, while achieving seamless integration between the woofer and electrostatic transducer.

A flexible foot configuration allows listeners to easily adjust the controlled vertical dispersion of Summit X from -1° to 11°. The result? A superb sounding speaker that is easier than ever to integrate into every room!

Key to the Summit X's revolutionary performance is our advanced XStat™ electrostatic panel, which covers most of the audible range, from the midrange to beyond the limit of human hearing, with unprecedented accuracy. A perfectly integrated Controlled Dispersion PoweredForce™ woofer section—the most advanced woofer technology available in a full-range speaker—supplies an authoritative bass foundation from its twin 10-inch aluminum-cone drivers, effortlessly extending the Summit X's response to frequencies below where even most subwoofers reach. Yet the Summit X never, ever sounds heavy.

Nor does it look heavy. In fact, it almost seems to float in the air. We believe you'll agree that the Summit X looks nearly as good as it sounds—maybe because, like all designs, form follows function.

MartinLogan hybrid electrostats are a special breed of speaker, and the Summit X is the most special of them all. Hearing is believing.

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