Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II

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For over five years SUMIKO has provided the Celebration Pearwood Signature to music lovers seeking the musical experience of the finest and most expensive phono pickups at a more reasonable cost. New advances in material technology and construction techniques have allowed for a significant improvement in sound quality and have resulted in the creation of this new Mark II version.

Improvements to the original Pearwood Celebration include a brand new handcrafted Pearwood cartridge body, refined long-grain boron cantilever, and most notably a new ultra low-mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 Stylus (Vital Design). In addition, a new, machined billet Teflon back plate features custom hollow and tapered brass mounting pins for ease of installation. These refinements result in a cartridge that offers more extended high frequencies along with bass extension and an extremely articulate mid-band range. . The Pearwood Celebration II embodies all the virtues that over 25 years of experience in designing and distributing the finest in analog products.


•Cartridge type: Moving Coil
•Suspension: Synthetic Rubber
•Output Voltage/Channel: 0.5mV (3.54 cm/sec., 1kHz)
•Channel Separation: 30 DB @ 1kHtz
•Channel Balance: 0.5db @ 1 kHtz
•Tracking Force Range: 1.9 - 2.2g
•Dynamic Compliance: (x10-6 cm/dyne)12
•Internal Impedance: 30 Ohms
•Capacitance Range: 100 300 pf
•Cantilever: Long grain Boron
•Stylus Size/Shape: Ultra low-mass Ogura Jewel Co. P9 Stylus
•Output Terminals: Unique gold plated tapered brass pins
•Load Impedance: 100-1k Ohms
•Cartridge Weight: 7 Grams