Sanus Foundations Steel Series 26-inch Speaker Stand Pair

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Steel Series

The ultimate speaker stands for serious audiophiles, each Steel Series stand features a heavy-gauge steel base and twin heavy-gauge steel pillars, which can be filled with sand or shot for added mass and superior vibration reduction. This heavy foundation is isolated from the solid top plate by cork resonance damping rings, resulting in an ultra-solid stand for superior acoustics.

The Foundations Steel Series SF26 is a 26-inch stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. Its extra-large steel base includes optional carpet spikes for superior stability on any surface. Twin heavy-gauge steel pillars feature a concealed wire path and resonance damping rings that can be filled with sand or shot for added mass. The 6- by 6.5-inch top plate offers brass studs and neoprene pads for speaker isolation.

All Steel Series speaker stands feature:

  • Adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet add stability on any surface
  • Choose from brass isolation studs or neoprene speaker pads for stable speaker isolation
  • Integrated wire path organizes heave-gauge cables
  • Heavy-weight base provides superior stability on any surface
  • Optional safe and secure bolt-mounting for many of today's speakers