REL T/7 Subwoofer (OPEN)

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We expect great performance from any product wearing a REL badge, but we were floored when we got this inexpensive little sub to integrate perfectly with our $13k reference tower speakers! The T-7 dramatically improved bass weight and depth, but surprisingly also increased perceived depth and width of the soundstage.

Midrange and high-frequency response were richer, more palpable and finely textured as well. The T-7 effortlessly increased the enormous dynamic range of these large floor standing speakers in our extremely large listening room. This is obviously not the intended use for a T-7, but it is a testament to REL engineering and quality that this reasonably priced sub could effect such an improvement on speakers that should be clearly out of its league.

The T-7’s 10” passive and 8" ULT active driver with 200W Class A/B amplifier allow it to dig deeper into any recording, offering a rock-solid foundation to any recording. The REL T-7 offers a larger and deeper view of the soundstage than the T-5, with greater weight and power, its performance suggestive of the bigger, more expansive sound of the T-9.


Enclosure Type:
Closed Box w/ passive radiator

Amplifier Power:
200W Class A/B

Drive Unit:
8" ULT woofer

10" Passive (front firing)

Variable Crossover:
30 - 120Hz

Power Supply:
117VAC @ 60Hz

Dimensions (WHD):
12" x 13.75" x 13.75"

34 lbs.