Rega Elicit 3 Integrated Amplifier

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In 1988 Rega conceived the Elicit. This was the first of two amplifiers to be launched and manufactured by Rega in 1990. They have utilized the knowledge and experience gained since the conception of the original Elicit to bring you latest version of their high-end integrated amplifier. The Elicit 3 features a circuit entirely designed by Rega, refined by extensive listening and computer-based design procedures.

In common with all Rega products, the Elicit amplifier has been designed without compromise. Rega's time, efforts and money have been spent on developing the circuit and construction, utilizing the highest quality of the components throughout.

This is a high performance audio amplifier using the Rega Alpha-Encoder control system, comprising of a digitally controlled analogue switched resistor network volume control, with a class A discrete low noise FET line amplifier. The signal switching is routed by high quality lossless relays. High quality Evox and ICEL film capacitors have been used in sonically critical signal path positions.

The power amplifier is of a fully symmetrical design using advanced Sanken Darlington power transistors. The power supply uses a generously rated toridal transformer assembled using highest quality core material. Finally the Elicit is housed in the enhanced Rega custom-built extruded aluminum case incorporating three high thermal efficiency heat sinks. Rega has kept the same level of performance and synergy between stages as in the original Elicit amplifier but with a better level of functionality in the volume control and user interface.

The Elicit is an 80W integrated amplifier, which can be the heart of a traditional two-channel system, or implemented in a multi-channel system. It has a direct input feeding the power amplifier which, for example, can be a signal from a multi-channel processor. It also has a preamplifier output, which enables the amplifier to be expanded to drive bi-amplifiers, active speakers, or multiple speaker systems. The gain of the power amplifier is 28dB for full output, which makes it compatible with a wide variety of other power amplifiers. The amplifier is fully short circuit and DC protected.

The volume level is controlled via a microprocessor, which in turn takes its information from the volume digital encoder on the front panel or remote control handset. The volume control has a resolution of 1dB per step, giving a total range of 80 steps over the available gain or volume range of 80dB. There is a calibrated LED display comprising of 20 LEDs that indicates the gain level or relative position of the volume control. This is calibrated in 4dB steps across the total gain or volume range. The left and right channels are matched and balanced within 0.2dB, ensuring a centrally placed soundstage no matter the volume and gain level.

The stepped resistive networks of the volume control are placed in the feedback and input circuits of the FET input discrete line amplifier, thereby optimizing the gain of the line amplifier for the best signal to noise ratio. Also, the stepped resistive network provides the amplifier input with constant input impedance, providing the source component (CD, tuner, tape, etc.) with a constant impedance load and eliminating the possible changes in sound quality with different volume positions.

Rega Elicit 3 Features and Specifications

  • Discrete circuitry used in the signal path
  • Polypropylene capacitors used in all sonically critical positions
  • High specification relay switching used throughout
  • Symmetrical power amplifier, Sanken Darlington output transistors with enhanced thermal stability
  • Higher than normal Class A quiescent current
  • Galvanically isolated power supplies for the preamplifier, power amplifier and digital circuits
  • Fast diodes used in the audio power supplies
  • Nine individual power supplies
  • High stability, low noise voltage references used throughout
  • Low noise servo controlled FET preamplifier with the minimum of coupling capacitors
  • Wolfson digitally controlled stepped attenuator volume control
  • Generous heat sinks for continuous use
  • Optional plug-in card for MM and MC catridges
  • Direct input for integration into multi-channel systems
  • Military specification wire used for speaker wiring
  • Single PCB construction ensuring short signal paths
  • Large toroidal transformer