Quantum Base QB8 Power Distribution block

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Quantum’s QBASE distribution blocks are the heart and very basis of the high quality AC supply that your system demands. Deceptively simple in appearance, there is actually far more to them than meets the eye.

The essence of the QBASE concept is a straight-line AC distribution path, combined with a star-ground topology for connection to a clean ground. By eliminating any form of in-line filtering or active circuitry, the Qbase maintains the lowest possible AC supply impedance, while a tiny lift in the ground impedance of all but one of the output sockets routes the signal grounds directly to the centre of the star and the clean ground terminal, eliminating the potential for ground loops. Clearly identified on the casework, this Primary Earth socket is at the centre of your system’s performance, literally and metaphorically. It defines both the order in which you connect your components and also, their listening priority in your musical enjoyment, allowing you to further optimize the performance of your primary sources.

The QB8 model has eight power outlet receptacles total, and a single IEC input. You can daisy-chain multiple units together if you need more. The reason you want to connect them together is so you maintain the single ground potential.

Dimensions: 18" x 4.75" x 2.5 " (LWH)