Quad II Eighty Monoblocks

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A modern classic and designed by valve supremo, Tim DeParavicini, the II-eighty is much more than representing homage to the Peter Walker classic - it's a complete re-interpretation of the philosophy. Using 4 x KT-88s and a similar cathode coupled output, the lineage is clear to hear and see, but with such huge dynamic headroom, this amp is faster and with more control than any previous model.

Downloads: User Manual | Brochure

Power Output 80W RMS
THD 0.5% (80w)
Residual hum and noise better than -94dB
Frequency response 10Hz - 30kHz (+0/-0.5dB)
Damping Factor Better than -94dB
16 @1kHz
Power Consumption 240VA Maximum
Loudspeaker Taps 4ohm and 8 ohm
Input valves 2 x EF86
Rectifier valve 1 x 6SN7
Output valves 4x 6SL7
Sensitivity 1V RMS