Peachtree Audio Nova Integrated Amplifier

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The New Peachtree NOVA Will Blow You Away! This is the Perfect Computer Audio Integrated Amp!

All the Digital Inputs You Need, A Killer DAC Built-In, a Tube Preamp Section for Incredible Warmth, an Amazing On Board Headphone Amp, 80 watts/channel...
You Must Hear This for Yourself!

  • An Unbeatable Outboard DAC – Immeasurable Jitter!
  • Amazing Tube Class-A Preamplifier
  • World Class Headphone Amplifier
  • The Perfect Heart of any Digital Audio System
  • Perfect w/ Sonos, Apple TV/Airport, Pandora, Sirius/XM… more
  • Available in 3 different chassis: Gloss black, Cherry, or Rosewood

The latest addition to the Peachtree family, the NOVA is an audiophile-grade hybrid tube integrated amplifier with impressive digital capabilities. Connect your favorite sources, with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs and 1 USB input offering excellent system flexibility. The powerful 80 Watts-Per-Channel Amplifier will drive most speakers with ease and the NOVA even includes a headphone amp and a preamp output, so a subwoofer or more powerful amplifier can be added at any time.

The Nova's preamp section uses a 6922 tube with a Class A output stage, which maintains a high level of detail and also provides a sonically richer platform to tame the harshness that plagues most compressed digital music. Switch between solid-state and tube output with the push of a button on the remote control!

Speaking of digital music, the Nova features a fairly unique feature, the ESS 9006 Sabre DAC, a high-resolution 24bit/192k up-sampling converter that reclocks the incoming digital signal removing harmful jitter before passing the signal to the 24/192 upsampler with its 122dB S/N ratio! Eleven regulated power supplies for the DAC and digital section transformer-couple each digital input stage eliminating noise associated with ground problems and switching power supplies. This DAC is so amazing, many customers are using the Nova as a stand alone DAC!

The USB section is a bit different than most implementations found on the market; the Nova's USB connection is isolated from the computer's power supply and therefore the noise generated by that system. This provides a cleaner, quieter signal to the DACs offering greater resolution and more music!

The Nova's powerful 80 watt-per-channel amplifier is backed up by an enormous toroidal power supply, offering gobs of power on demand and controlling most speakers with ease.

Headphone users, the Nova has a “Class-A” tube headphone amp inside for your private listening enjoyment. Unlike the op-amps used in many integrated amps, this one's the real deal! When in use, the headphone amp mutes the main amplifier output.

“The Peachtree NOVA was more energetic, with punchier dynamics, more pointed articulation and slightly more well-defined treble…if you have a music network up, and $1200 is within your limit, the NOVA is totally wowzers. In my book, the NOVA is the Dynaco Stereo 70 for the 21st century!”
- John Marks, Stereophile, Cover Story August 2009

NOVA Specifications

Hybrid Tube Design (6922)
6.5V output @ 2.0V input
<30 Ohms at the Output Stage
Class A Output Stage
Switching Relays in the Signal Path
Polypropylene Caps in the Signal Path

ST Mos-Fet Amp Modules
80w/ch (less than 1% distortion in to 6 ohms)
Internally Wired like Sigma Servo Control
(Two Wires from Amp to Terminal) for Better Damping

5 Digital Inputs 1-USB, 2-coax, 2-optical
24/96 Up-sampling ESS9006 DAC
11 Regulated Power Supplies
Organic Capacitors
Class A Output Stage
Transformer Coupled Digital Inputs for Ground Isolation
Galvanically Isolated USB Stage.
> 122dB S/N
< 1 Picosecond Jitter - Measured at the Master Clock (Super Clock)

Headphone Amp (shared with the Pre-Out stage)
Suitable for all Electrodynamic Headphones
Frequency Response: DC ~ 100 kHz +/- 0.1dB
Voltage Gain: 10dB
Maximum Output Voltage: 7Vrms
output Impedance: <30ohms
Maximum Output Power: 100mW into 8 Ohm/300mW into 150 Ohm/150mW into 300 Ohm
Class-A Output Stage
6922 Tube is in Circuit