Peachtree Audio Decco Integrated Amplifier in Rosewood

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New-school digital clarity meets old-school tube warmth

Enjoy rich, satisfying sound with Peachtree Audio's unique, elegantly styled Decco. This hybrid integrated amplifier teams up a vacuum tube preamp stage with a high-current, solid-state power amplifier. The tube preamp lends smoothness and warmth to your music's high and mid-range frequencies, while solid-state amplification delivers tight, punchy bass — you'll get the best of both sonic worlds.

Better sound with a wide variety of sources

The Decco serves up audiophile sound for your analog sources and digital music files alike. It features a high-quality digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with USB, optical, and coaxial digital inputs. The USB input lets you take digital audio directly off your computer's hard drive and play it back with fidelity that's far superior to what you get from the sound cards found on most PCs. The optical and coaxial inputs make it easy to connect your other digital sources such as a CD player, music server, or a music streamer.