Peachtree Audio DAC*iT (USED)

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Your system needs digital input and we have you covered.

The Peachtree Audio DAC*iT is a D-to-A converter designed to bring your audio system into the new millennium using the computer you already own. Optimized for computer and streaming audio music devices, the DAC*iT features the three most important digital inputs, USB for your computer, optical and coaxial for any other type of streamer or CD/DVD player.

All three inputs take advantage of the high-resolution ESS Sabre32 9022 DAC chip and hot-rodded analog output section. This eliminates the need for expensive sound cards and effectively replaces the weak analog output section built in to streaming devices.

For a little added convenience, a remote control with discreet input selection is included with the DAC*iT.

Unlike CD transports, computers and streaming devices tend to present a rather harsh musical environment with a unique set of challenges. The Peachtree DAC*it is specifically designed for this environment and is optimized to handle these challenges.

1) The DAC is galvanically isolated, which is necessary when dealing with electrical noise generated by a computer's USB output. Elimination of this noise via USB is among the most important reasons that the USB section performs so well.

2) Reclocks any digital signal to less than 3 p/s. This is quite a claim since many computers have up to ten times the mistiming (jitter) of a CD player.

3) The DaciT's USB input accepts data up to 24/96 to handle high-resolution audio downloads.

4) Streaming devices can be attached to the DAC*iT via optical or coax which is also transformer coupled to prevent superfluous noise from entering the signal path. The DAC*iT thinks they are all high-end CD players. So if you have an Apple TV, Sonos or other streamer that you want to hook up to your existing system, the DAC*iT is your ticket to performance.


  • Inputs: 1-USB, 1-coax, 1-optical
  • Outputs: 1-L&R RCA
  • DAC: ESS Sabre32 9022
  • Output: 2v
  • Output impedance: 200 ohms
  • S/N:120dB
  • Ground isolation: Transformer coupled inputs
  • USB isolation: Galvanic
  • Power supply: External 100-240v, 50-60Hz, 9V-1A
  • Jitter at master clock: < 3ps
  • Power consumption: 1w
  • Chassis and housing: All metal
  • Remote control: Included
  • Dimensions HWD: 2 ½” x 6 ½” x 6 ½"