Nordost Valhalla Speaker Cable Pair SPECIAL BUY!

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Nordost Valhalla Speaker Cable Pair


These cables are basically brand new, but they do not come in that fancy wooden display case. But... you're scoring some of the best speaker cable ever made, at an amazing price! We have very limited quantities available! Only available in the lengths and terminations listed above.

Speed, Detail, and an incredibly realistic presentation of the musical event are the qualities that set Valhalla speaker cable apart. This cable is the most neutral loudspeaker cable every developed. If you want to hear every nuance and musical detail with the most extreme accuracy that your system is capable of, Valhalla is the only choice.

Valhalla has raised the standard of cable design to new heights. This is truly the extreme reference cable. Valhalla speaker cable consists of forty conductors divided into four groups of ten. Each conductor is made from optimized diameter solid 99.999999% oxygen free copper that has 78 microns of extruded silver on the surface. The surface of each conductor is highly polished before a high precision Micro Mono-Filament wrap is applied.

The Micro Mono-Filament is helically wound over the conductor. A precision FEP jacket is then extruded over the conductor. A number of proprietary methods are used in this difficult and extremely precise manufacturing technique that reduces dielectric contact by a factor of more than 80%. Extremely mechanically stable, the conductors are effectively suspended in inert air, preventing oxidation.

The Valhalla cable is extremely fast at over 96% the speed of light. The cable has an effective dielectric constant of 1.12, which is incredibly low, the reference point being air or a vacuum, which has a dielectric constant of 1. When it comes to transmitting wide bandwidth at incredible speed this cable is state of the art. This gives incredible transient response so that no musical detail is lost and allows one to follow complex and difficult recordings with ease.

Valhalla is available in both bi-wire and non bi-wire configurations, with spades or z-plugs (bananas).

Other lengths available. Call to confirm pricing.