Nordost Odin Supreme Reference Interconnect

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Odin cables: This is the reference standard of the industry. They're simply the best; and because they are the best, rarely do you get a deal on them. So when I was offered cables that were used for four days at The Consumer Electronics Show, I bought all of it! The pricing is too low to put here. Call Uncle Kevin and I promise to make you a happy camper.

Here's what we have available in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES:

2 meter interconnect, available single ended (RCA) or balanced (XLR). These have been treated on the Nordost Vidar. To get the most out of these cables, it is critical that they get treated. So we run them though four cycles on the Vidar to make sure you get the best.

1.5 meter interconnect. Just like above. I may have a 1 meter available too. Call Uncle Kevin and we will get you a smokin’ deal.

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