Nitty Gritty Mini Pro 2

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Now record cleaning is faster and easier with the Nitty Gritty Mini Pro 2. Nitty Gritty's unique Capstan record drive automatically rotates the record during fluid application and vacuum suction-eliminating the need to manually scrub the record. "FI" stands for Fluid Injection, which means the Mini Pro 2 has a fluid reservoir with a pump that automatically applies fluid to the VAC Sweep brushes. This makes applying the fluid easier, with less wasted fluid. Additionally, the Mini Pro models have a swing arm the goes over the LP once it's been seated, which allows you to clean and vacuum both the top and bottom of the record simultaneously, saving time and effort!

Using the Nitty Gritty Mini Pro 2 is a breeze. First, use the pump to apply a small amount of Pure 1 or Pure 2 to the VAC Sweeps, swing the top arm out of the way, set your dirty LP on the spindle, and put the top arm back in place. Flip the power switch one way to begin rotating the record. The VAC Sweep fibers scrub both sides of the record as it rotates. Flip the switch the other way to turn on the powerful vacuum that cleans and dries the record. The Mini Pro 2 cleans both sides of the record at the same time... so you're finished. How simple is that?

A slide-out waste tray on the bottom allows easy disposal of the dirty fluid. With these automatic features, you'll be able to clean more records in less time!

Both the Mini Pro 1 and Mini Pro 2 models come with a 16 ounce bottle of Pure 2 to get you started.

What's the difference between the Mini Pro 1 and Mini Pro 2?

The only difference is in the cabinet. The Mini Pro 1 is a MDF cabinet with a vinyl simulated wood veneer that is a Black Ash finish. The Mini Pro 2 has a solid oak cabinet. This is purely an aesthetic choice. The model pictured above is the Mini Pro 2.