Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 Tube Stage/Buffer

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Want to add a taste of tubes to your system, but want to keep all the same components? Is your CD player too "digital" sounding and you want to sweeten things up? The Musical Fidelity X-10V3 will breathe some of that warmth and humanity that comes with tubes. The X-10 seamlessly integrates into any system, and can be connected at any point in the audio chain. Try it between your CD Player and preamp, or between the preamp and power amp. There's no rule on this one; put the X-10 where it sounds the best.

The X-10V3 uses the "mu-vista" 6112 tube, the same tube used in the kW series. The 6112 is another mil-spec tube that will last longer than most of us, and is extremely rugged and durable. The X-10V3 has a high input impedance and a low output impedance. From a technical standpoint, it's almost not there. That means extremely low noise, very low distortion, wide bandwidth and outstanding overload margins, giving you the best possible performance.

The X-10's output circuitry is identical to that of the famed Tri-Vista SACD player, but uses the "mu-vista" tube instead of the "tri-vista."

The X-10 V3 can also help with impedance mis-match! The X-10 V3 has very high (470k Ohm) input, and very low (33 Ohm) output impedances. What does this mean for you? It means you can keep your tubed preamp with its 2800 Ohm output impedance and match it to your solid state amp with the 10k Ohm input impedance, and not have to worry about the sonic drawbacks!

The X-10D, predecessor to the V3, sold nearly 50,000 units!. The X-10V3 is a limited production item. There are only 4800 being made, due to the use of the "mu-vista" tube, which is in limited supply (don't worry, Musical Fidelity keeps spares on hand for every piece of gear they make). So don't wait, order today!.

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