Musical Fidelity kW DM25 Transport & DAC

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Musical Fidelity kW DM25 Transport & DAC (open but new) - Limited production reference transport & upsampling DAC. Uses much of the same circuitry as found in the kW SACD player, but optimized for regular CD playback. Transport does not function with any other DAC, so we are only selling as a set. This is the most awesome combo. This is the most analogue sounding CD player I have ever heard. But it was designed to be a $25,000 CD player for those people that only want to spend $10,000. You on the other hand spend less than $3600.

So you can add two more digital scources to this DAC. One spdif and one optical. The transport that comes in this combo is really designed to be used only with this DAC.


Retail price for both units is $7000. We have one pair available for $3599! With an Upscale Audio 90 day warranty parts and labor! Low-hour demo units, both are like-new! Price is for both transport and DAC.
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