Musical Fidelity A1008 CD Player

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Musical Fidelity A1008 CD Player

An unbelievable score! We now have a handful of New Old Stock A1008 CD Players. Easily one of the most musical disc players we've any price.

The A1008 CD player uses the best CD transport in the industry, which has the most reliable and consistent data stream currently available. The result is that the DAC has the maximum amount of data to work with, which allows for virtually perfect performance.

• Uses Philips CD pro transport, the best, most highly developed and reliable CD data source on the planet
Two pairs of RCA outputs... one tubed, the other solid state
• More data recovered from the disc: Far higher quality sound because the internal DAC architecture is dealing with real data, not just trying to recreate the data the transport didn't recover
• Super-quality 24-bit 192K upsampling DAC: Extremely high-quality digital to analog performance with ultra-low jitter, ultra-low noise, and vanishingly low distortion
• State-of-the-art switchable tube/transistor output stage: Exquisitely delicate sound from either but with subtle differences. Now you can select the output configuration to suit your recordings or system
• Twin display on the top and the front: You can use the A1008 CD player from a seated or standing position and still see the display
• Internal/external power supply: The A1008 CD player is fitted with a high-quality internal power supply, but when paired with an A1008 Integrated Amplifier, it can use that component’s power supply for improved performance


Units are factory sealed. 90-day warranty from Upscale Audio.


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