McIntosh C2300 Preamplifier (USED)

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McIntosh C2300 Preamplifier

Serial number YA2996. Stock photo as this preamp is in like new condition, and we will warranty it for 90 days. Checked out from stem to stern by Uncle Kevvy. The customer traded in a Modwright KWI200 integrated for a PrimaLuna HP integrated amp for his smaller system, and was so blown away by it that he took the HP into his main soundroom and compared it to this preamp coupled to a pair of MC601 monoblocks and again preferred the PrimaLuna. So he traded in this preamp and the MC601’s for a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp and a pair of HP power amps. That is not to say this is a bad preamp….it’s very good especially if you need convenience features. I was bummed when I looked inside to see they ran the signal through something like a computer ribbon cable so for the hard-core purist looking for SOUND and not tone controls maybe the PrimaLuna is a better bet. Regardless call for a price.



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