Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue

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The latest variant in Koetsu's very highly regarded Urushi series, the Urushi Sky Blue uses an Alnico magnet producing a .4mv output. The coil windings are silver wire, rather than the alternate copper-and-silver wire found in the Urushi Vermillion.

Koetsu Urushi Blue Specifications
  • Body: Rosewood w/ Urushi lacquer
  • Type: moving coil
  • Coil wiring: silver-plated copper
  • Magnet: Samarium cobalt
  • Cantilever: boron
  • Output: .4mV
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-100kHz
  • Channel separation: 25dB/1kHz
  • Inner impedance: 5 ohms
  • Channel balance: .5dB/1kHz
  • Recommended impedance: 30 ohms
  • Weight: 9g
  • Compliance: 5x10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz