KEF R900 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (EACH)

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KEF R900 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (EACH)

Last chance to buy the R Series from KEF! Once they're gone, they're gone

Priced as EACH. For a pair of R900, please add two of this item to your Shopping Cart. R900 must be purchased as a pair.

Featuring many of KEF’s latest innovations in premium hi-fi and home theater loudspeaker technology, the R Series family of home audio speakers make genuine audiophile standards of entertainment more affordable than ever before. Stunningly fluent Uni-Q driver arrays combine with potent custom-designed bass drivers and many ingenious refinements to create a rich, spacious sound image of such accuracy that it approaches the benchmark standards of KEF’s legendary Reference Series.

R Series Uni-Q Driver

R900 features twin 8-inch LF drivers positioned above and below the remarkably sweet and accurate 5.25" Uni-Q driver array. This specially designed Uni-Q driver is nothing short of a masterpiece. Mid range response is amazingly fast and clean, thanks to a braced magnesium/aluminium alloy cone, with KEF’s Z-flex surround smoothing the transition to the front panel and a sturdy die-cast aluminium chassis that prevents resonance being transferred to the cabinet. At the acoustic center of the midrange cone is the sophisticated vented tweeter that endows KEF Blade with such startlingly pure HF response. With a large neodymium magnet and a computer-optimized dome structure so stiff that it operates pistonically over its entire working range, the upper registers are articulated with flawless precision – and to capitalize on Uni-Q’s point source characteristics, KEF’s ‘tangerine’ waveguide helps to disperse the higher frequencies evenly across a wider angle to flood the room with an intricate and refreshingly natural soundfield. Operating together as a single, perfectly integrated voice, the array as a whole delivers a sweet, accurate sound of unprecedented clarity.

R Series Bass Driver

The bass driver is equally impressive. The combination of a massive vented magnet assembly and a large, lightweight aluminium voice coil driving a light, stiff and strong hybrid cone assures clean, deep and uncompressed bass output with superb dynamics and power handling.

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