Fatman iTube ValveDock iPod Dock and Tube Amplifier (OPEN)

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Fatman iTube ValveDock iPod Dock and Tube Amplifier (OPEN)

The iTube 182 with ValveDock is a class A valve power amplifier with 3 source inputs, iPod dock and 27-key full function remote control. The 182 also includes video and S-video outputs for iPod Video products. Includes all cables, brush for cleaning and gloves for handling high-chrome finish. The iTube 182 gives you astonishing sound for an affordable price.

The Amplifier

The iTube 182 is a fully integrated, single end, class A power amplifier featuring 7 valves and 3 line input stages to offer 18 watts per channel of the smoothest audio around. As with all Fatman iTube Valve amplifiers, all aspects of sound reproduction are handled with incredible accuracy with a full natural sound stage which is precise and yet fills the listening room with breadth and depth. From the deepest lows to the highest highs, the program material is reproduced with supreme clarity, accuracy and openness with a beautifully warm tonality. Transients at all frequencies are handled with effortless ease, giving a tight and well controlled bass, a full mid range and a sparkling treble.

The Dock

Use ValveDock with any iPod (except Shuffle). A 27-key remote control is included, giving you complete control over all iPod functionality. The Valve Dock is ready for video-enabled iPods as well. It features both composite and S-Video output connectors for viewing video on your television. In addition, the device includes two sets of audio-in jacks, for connecting external sound sources, such as a CD player.