Creek OBH-18 Moving Magnet Phonostage

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Creek OBH-18 MM Phonostage

Creek's OBH-18 Phono Pre-amp offers state of the art build quality and high-grade audiophile internal components. The OBH-18 works with most moving magnet cartridges, bringing the now-famous Creek rhythm and pacing to your system. The aluminum faceplate gives the OBH-18 a simple, timeless look, the sturdy extruded aluminum chassis minimizes vibration and protects the OBH-18 from external RFI and EMI interference.

The primary function of the OBH-18 is to boost the level and correct the frequency response of a low level signal coming from a moving magnet phono pick-up on a conventional turntable. The signal required by most modern amplifiers is described as being 'LINE' level, which is, in technical terms, between 200 and 500 milli-Volts with a flat frequency response. Unless your amplifier has a specific 'Phono' or Disc input, the level will be too low and the frequency response will be wrong. The OBH-18 is designed to boost the signal and introduce an R.I.A.A. frequency response characteristic.


Gain: 37dB
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.25 dB
SNR: -86 dB
THD: < 0.03%
RIAA Deviation: +/- 0.1%
Output: 250 mV
Input Sensitivity / Impedance: 3.5 mV / 47,000 ohm / 220 pF
Overload Margin: 22 dB operating
MM Cartridge Compatibility: 2.5 mV - 5.5 mV output
Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 66 mm
Power Supply Voltage: 24V DC 30 mA