Creek Audio OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier

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Creek Audio OBH-11 Headphone Amplifier

The OBH-11 is a miniature audio amplifier, designed specifically to drive a single pair of low to medium impedance (30 Ohm -300 Ohm) headphones from a line level source.

The OBH-11 is compatible with any source at line level. For example: an average output level CD player can be connected directly to the input of the OBH-11, just as it could also be used in conjunction with a stand-alone pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier which doesn’t have a headphone output.

Creek has re-engineered the casework of the old OBH 11, so the front panel is now much thicker and has rounded corners, new style graphics and the metal logo found on the more expensive Creek products. It is ONLY available in black and is an addition to Creek’s range of popular headphone amplifiers.


Output Power: > 10 mW into 30 ohm / 300 ohm loads
Headphone Impedance: 30 ohm to 300 ohm
THD: < 0.01% at 1 kHz
SNR: > 70 dB
Power Consumption: < 4 VA
Power Supply Requirement: 24V DC 150mA (Uni-OBH)
Weight: 360g
Size (W/H/D): 130 x 100 x 65mm