Conrad Johnson LP125sa+ Stereo Amplifier (USED)

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Conrad Johnson LP125sa+ Stereo Amplifier

Linear Pentode Amplifier

Serial # 6521026


This Conrad Johnson was traded in for a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Power Amp. Although this CJ is a terrific product, check out the email below from the customer who traded it in:


Good morning Kevin,

I've had the Dialogue Premium HP amp burning in for a week now and it is amazing. It is combined with the Dialogue Premium Preamp that you sold me last year.

I am using the 4 ohm connectors to drive Magico S3 and the HP has ample power even in Triode mode. It defies logic that 40 wpc can drive the S3 and sound so good. The S3 are power hungry speakers and all the reviews suggest at least 200W of SS power to get the best sound from them. There is a highly regarded local audio store called Music Lovers and they told me that the S3 can't be driven with tube amps. Period. Waste of time to try it. I called you the next day and bought the PL HP based on your advice and explanations.

Many years ago, there was an audio magazine reviewer who, as part of his evaluation, stood outside his listening room to see if the music sounded real from that vantage point. Over the years, I have done that whenever switching components. This is the first time that it really does sound like people are singing in my listening room when I am in other parts of the house. The Magico S3s are part of that equation but the PL are a big part of that equation too.

Mostly, I am tired of switching components in search of the perfect sound. I just want dependable equipment that will last for 20 years and concentrate on enjoying the music. PL delivers that for me.

Happy New Year,

Bob Pinder