Cary Audio SLI 80 Signature F1 Edition Triode Only (USED)

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Cary Audio SLI-80 Signature F1 (used) – Traded in towards PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP This is a very special Cary. First of all, it’s an F1, which stands for Formula One..because I used to watch and follow Formula One racing, and F1 is all about everything taken to the limit. Dennis Had, the designer and founder of Cary Audio is a good friend of mine. It’s so sad that he was…ahem…”retired” from his own company. We had so much fun with the F1 concept and we laughed together all the time. This is an example. It has all the F1 goodies. Oil and copper capacitors, hexfreds in the power supply, CD input wired with Kimber Kable, WBT speaker terminals, and Grayhill premium selector switch. This unit is a special "Triode Only" model. The Triode/Ultra-linear switch is removed, and the unit has zero negative feedback, creating a beautiful lush midrange, with amazing detail and all the tubiness you could ask for.

40 wpc triode. It’s gloss black chassis and silver faceplate, all tubes test new, and of course it has remote control. Serial #100324. Bought from us originally and we give you a 90 day Upscale Audio warranty which covers parts and labor. This unit got a little banged up in shipping; the chassis is slightly bent in the back, by the binding posts. The amp has been thoroughly checked out and the damage is purely cosmetic.

Retail is $4495, and with upgrades $5295. Your price $2799!