Cary Audio CAD-211 Founder's Edition Mono Amplifier

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Cary Audio CAD-211 Founder's Edition

Brand new, factory sealed with 1 year Upscale Audio warranty!

Cary Audio has updated the CAD 211 and is proud to introduce the 211 Founder's Edition. Up to 150 watts in class B, 110 watts per channel in Class A/B, and 70 watts per channel in Class A. All Triode tube Mono Blocks with 6CA7 current source, 6SL7 input tube, 300B driver tubes and 845 output tubes. Speaker terminals for 4, 8 or 16 ohm speakers are located on the back panel. A meter has been added to the front faceplate to allow you to monitor bias with ease. This is a ZERO feedback design.

We have one pair that are brand new, factory sealed in the high gloss anthracite black with silver faceplates. Retail $20,995/pair, your price today $11,999!


Circuit Type: Class A, Class A/B, Class B, Pure Balanced Design
Power Output: Up to 150 W, Class B. 110 W, Class A/B. 70 W, Class A
Inputs: Single-Ended RCA; Balanced XLR
Input Sensitivity: 2.0 V for full output power
Input Impedance: 100 k ohm – RCA unbalanced, 200 k ohm – Balanced (XLR)
Noise and Hum: >80 dB below rated output
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz, + 0.5 dB
Tube Complement
1 x 6CA7 Current Source Tube
1 x 6SL7 Input Tube
2 x 300B Driver Stage Tubes
2 x 845 Output Tubes
Power Transformer: EI Laminate, 200% Duty Cycle
Output Transformer: EI Laminate, Air Gap, 200% Duty Cycle
Resistors: 1% Metal Film
Capacitors: Mundorf SilverGold
Power Supply Capacitors: 4 x 1500 µF @ 450 VDC
AC Cord: 3 conductor, detachable
AC Power Requirements: 117/234 VAC @ 50/60 Hz
Consumption: 280 W – Operation. 76 W – Standby
Warm-Up Time: 5 minutes
Break-In Time: 100 hours of playing 
Weight: 90 lb
Dimensions: 10″ H x 12.25″ W x 24 ” D