Cary Audio CAD 120S (OPEN)

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Cary Audio CAD 120S (OPEN)

Like new with warranty! High gloss anthracite black chassis with silver faceplate. 120 wpc ultralinear, 60 wpc triode, switchable on the fly. This one was built with factory-upgraded Jensen oil & copper capacitors... a must-have for any Cary amp!

One available to a lucky guy for a smokin' deal!

Retail $5500, plus $300 for the cap upgrade, making this a $5800 power amp!


Now here's the 411 on the CAD-120S versus the CAD-120S MKII. The Mark II uses a different front end tube, making it more sensitive for use in home theater applications. The down side of the MKII is that because the front end is more sensitive, the idle hiss goes up especially with more effecient speakers. I would never personally buy a MKII. Why do it? Go for the quiet front end. In a 5 or 7 channel system, go with the MKII.