Cary Audio A 306

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Cary Audio A 306 (new sealed) - Factory sealed with full warranty! Incredible Class D power with that gorgeous Cary sound. A whopping 600 watts x 2 into 8 Ohms, 1100 watts into 4 Ohms!

Because it's Class D, less heat, less weight, less size. RCA & XLR inputs, Cardas speaker terminals, remote turn-on trigger. Aluminim chassis matches the Cary 306/SACD and C-306 preamp. Click here for product literature on the Designer Series.

I have to say this kids: This is the best sounding Cary solid state amp ever made. Trounces their other solid state offerings.

Retail $5000, your price $2499!

Another news flash! Cary now states that their warranty starts the day the unit was shipped to the dealer. Read the fine print. It's not uncommon for a demo to sit unused for years in a store or or sealed up in a warehouse. You could by a brand spankin' new product and Cary may refuse to cover you under warranty. We are shocked and saddened, but the goood old days of Dennis Had (Cary's founder) are gone (he was...ahem...."retired"). You have to decide for yourself what's cool and what isn't. In the meantime, They just turned down two warranty claims from our customers leaving them up sh*t creek. But we came to the rescue! Uncle Kevy will cover yo bad ass Cary product for 1 year parts and labor (this does not apply to used items. New and open stock only)