Bendix 6384

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Bendix 6384 - Hey! We have "da bomb" in this rare tube. These are made with the super cool bakelite bases, ceramic spacers inside, the works. Each tube is wrapped in tissue, them in cardboard, then vacuum sealed in a foil pouch and bulk-packed for the German military! This is without a doubt one of the best examples of these rare tubes you will find around.

NOTICE: The 6384 is NOT a 6L6 tube! Some folks change the pin-out of their amps and use them as such, or build around them. They are not a drop-in replacement tube unless your amp was specifically designed for it.

Labelled Tung-Sol, Cetron and Bendix, but they're all the same tube from the same factory. We cannot guarantee any specific logo, sorry.

Label may vary from picture above.