Balanced Audio Technology VK-32SE Tube Preamplifier (USED)

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Balanced Audio Technology VK-32SE (USED)

Serial number: 032800136

Tubes: 6H30 x 4, 6C19 x 2

The strength of the VK-32SE starts with its immense power supply, in dual mono configuration, using separate, oversized toroidal power transformers for each channel. The power supply generates symmetrical high voltage rails for the active gain stage, allowing it to operate linearly and with low distortion over a tremendous signal range. Before reaching the gain cell, the power supply voltages undergo several stages of filtering, using C-multipliers on both positive and negative rails. The final stage of filtering, the one directly connected to the gain stage, consists of BAT’s custom oil capacitors as part of its monstrous SUPER-PAK. This approach guarantees that only the highest quality capacitors work in conjunction with the amplification devices.