Ayre K-1XE with Phonostage (USED)

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Ayre K-1XE (used) – Original box and manual in excellent condition. 90 day Upscale Audio warranty. This unit is actually a K-1XE w/phono. It was bought originally as a K-1X, and it was sent to the factory and became a K-1XE. Ayre installed the $2000 phonostage.

A few months ago, the owner sent it to Ayre and they installed new brushes on the silver volume control, which is a very high end stepped attenuator. One of the absolute finest solid state preamps you can buy at any cost. The customer traded it in for a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium preamp and is getting an outboard phono stage. Probably a Chinook.

The retail on this Ayre is $9,000 or higher from what I gather. A used one without phono commands over $4200. I’ll sell you this one with the $2000 phono for $4999