AudioQuest NRG-1.5 C-7 Power Cable

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AudioQuest's NRG-1.5 uses high-grade Solid-core PSC+ copper conductors and double RF stoppers for a substantially lower noise floor and better sound and video quality than the poor-quality, stock power cords that come free with most C-7 IEC equipped units. The NRG-1.5 uses AudioQuest's best, solid-core copper for better conductivity and better shielding for much better performance over their NRG-1 C-7. This cable delivers a significantly cleaner AC signal to your components which elevated the performance of any component connected.

The NRG-1.5 fits most devices with a C-7 IEC (looks like a figure 8), including SONOS devices, Blu-ray/DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, game systems and even some audio receivers. This cable is NOT for equipment with a 15 amp IEC connector. NRG-2 fits 15 amp sockets.