AudioQuest Columbia Interconnect

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AudioQuest Columbia Interconnect

Reference-level performance at an entry-level price! Features Audioquest's patented Dialectric Bias System

Columbia receives Audioquest’s wonderful PSC+ copper conductors; ultra pure copper that has received Audioquest's proprietary Perfect Surface treatment for superb and linear high frequency reproduction. Polyethylene tube insulation for all three conductors minimizes the conductor's interaction with the insulation for greater air and transparency.

The 72V DBS (dialectric bias system) smooths frequency response and the Cold-Weld connectors eliminate harshness. The three-layer Noise-Dissipation System protects the entire cable from the deleterious effects of airborne noise. Standing on its own, Columbia is a wonderful sounding cable; capable of bringing out the best in any system, but perhaps the most astonishing thing about Columbia is how close it sounds to its big brothers at a fraction of their prices.

Maybe it's not so surprising after all, Columbia uses the same conductors as Colorado, the same Noise-Dissipating shielding as Niagara and the same connectors as Sky; all at a fraction of their prices. No wonder we think Columbia is the best value in this new lineup.

Audioquest cables are legendary in audiophile circles for their neutrality and resolution. For 28 years, Audioquest has worked tirelessly to achieve sonic neutrality in all their cables, regardless of price. Ensuring that music flows unchanged and uncolored requires removing the myriad distortions that occur when a signal flows through a cable. To accomplish this, Audioquest bypassed conventional cable design and focused their efforts on both the physical properties and sonic characteristics of the conductors and connectors, as well as every other material used in the creation of their cables. This unorthodox approach has led to a number of innovations, the most celebrated of which is the Dielectric Bias System (DBS), a revolutionary and patented system of simultaneously protecting the conductors from outside interference and reducing distortion within the cable