AudioQuest Aspen Speaker Cable

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AudioQuest Aspen is all about geometry and size. Do you have big floorstanding speakers? High-powered muscle amps? Like to push the limits? Aspen is for you. Double-Counter-Spiral geometry (negative conductors twist one way, the positives twist the other) for dead-quiet operation.

AudioQuest has been running a new slogan: "We're sorry for your loss." While a small pun, it certainly sums up the philosophy of one of the world's most reputable cable manufacturers. Bill Low has always believed the best cable is no cable. And that all cables do is make things worse. A cable cannot add anything to the signal. You don't hear this type of honesty in the cable business these days. AudioQuest's philosophy has always been: Do no harm. And Low and his team of engineers have been on a 35-year "Quest" to build the least-intrusive cables. Cables that do less harm to the signal and most importantly, to the music. AudioQuest allows your system to sound its best by simply getting out of the way and letting the music play!