Audio Electronics Super Amp Mk II (OPEN)

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Audio Electronics Super Amp Mk II (OPEN)

A fabulous amplifier made by Cary Audio in the U.S.A.! Dennis Had, the founder of Cary Audio, was seeking a way to make an amp that sounded like the mighty CAD-805 single ended monobloc amps in a package that the man on the street can afford. The secret of this amp (and any amp) is the output transformers. This amp has texture. And tons of it.

The amp is point to point wired so tweekers will have a field day. It runs the tubes very easy so there is no drama down the road. In fact, you can tube roll and this amp will allow you to use 6L6GC, KT66, KT77, KT90, KT120, as well as KT88 and 6550!

These amps also include factory-installed Jensen Oil and Copper caps; a must-have for ANY Cary Audio amplifier.

The standard finish is a flat textured black, and you can opt-in for Black Anthracite.

Getting a REAL Cary brand new in the box with warranty for under two grand is going to be a pleasant dream soon. The way things are now e cannot produce these for this price any more. Drink up kids.

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Power: 40 watts x 2 ultra-linear
Tube Compliment: 6SN7 x 3, EL34 x 4
Dimensions (W x H x D): 9" x 7" x 15"
Weight: 40 pounds