Anthony Gallo Reference 3 S.A. Stereo Subwoofer Amplifier (OPEN)

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Anthony Gallo Reference 3 S.A. 240W Stereo Subwoofer Amplifier, Black


Inserted into a true High-End context and treated with proper respect regarding setup ... these speakers perform way in excess of their asking price.
— SRAJAN EBAEN, SIXMOONS.COM (Reviewing the Reference 3 amp and speaker system)


Reference 3 owners looking for an even more intense experience have the option of adding the Reference 3 SA amplifier to their system. The 2 x 240-watt Reference 3 SA amplifier is an innovative high-power amplifier, specifically designed to work in parallel with the Reference 3 to offer even greater bass extension.

It does this by 'actively' powering a second voice coil on the Reference 3's bass driver. The effect of utilising this second voice coil is like adding two perfectly integrated subwoofers into the room, taking linear bass response down to a stomach-churning 22 Hz.

This 'stereo subwoofer' effect adds a new dimension to the already exceptional performance of the Reference 3. In stereo systems, bass is pure, musical and as deep as you could possibly want, without interfering with midrange and high frequencies. In multi-channel systems, on the other hand, it simply removes the need for a dedicated subwoofer.

While it's true that the SA amplifier has been very much designed with the Reference 3 customer in mind, it's also far from a one trick pony. Not limited to use with the Reference 3, the inherent sound quality of the advanced circuitry found within the amplifier means that it's equally at home when used as stand-alone component for powering full-range loudspeakers.

Furthermore, the Reference 3 SA includes the ability to bridge the channels in the amplifier, boosting mono output to 600 W. This high power output, along with the added features of bass EQ control, dual mono attenuators, phase control and adjustable low pass filter control, makes the Reference 3 SA an ideal method of controlling and powering passive subwoofers.


Output Power
2 x 160 watts RMS @ 8 ohms
20Hz - 20kHz (stereo mode)

2 x 250 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
20Hz - 20kHz (stereo mode)

450 watts RMS @ 8 ohms
20Hz - 20kHz (mono mode)

650 watts RMS @ 4 ohms
20Hz - 20kHz (mono mode)

0.08% stereo, 0.1% mono
(low-pass @ 100Hz, level and xover at max, EQ at 0dB)

.01% stereo, 0.17% mono
(full-range, level at max)

Input Sensitivity: 130mV stereo, 110mV mono

Signal-to-Noise: 93dB stereo, 83dB mono
(low pass @ 100Hz, level and xover at max, EQ at 0dB)

93 dB stereo, 75dB mono
(full-range full-rated power @ 1kHz)

Load Impedance: 2 ohms or greater in stereo mode /
4 ohms or greater in mono mode

Bass EQ: 1W @ 35Hz (100Hz=0dB, level and xover at max, booster at 6dB)=6.2dB

1W @ 35Hz (100Hz=0dB, level and xover at max, booster at -3dB)=-3.2dB

Frequency Response: 15-200Hz low-pass (100Hz=0dB, level and xover at max, booster at 0dB)

<10Hz - 28kHz full-range (100Hz=0dB, level and xover at max, booster at 0dB)

Crossover: 40Hz low-pass, xover setting at minimum

200Hz low-pass, xover setting at maximum

Power Handling: 250 watts @ 4 ohms
160watts @ 8 ohms (In Stereo)
650 watts @ 4 ohms
450 watts @ 8 ohms (Bridged to mono)
12 Volt Trigger: Tip = (+) Sleeve = (-)

Auto-on Sensitivity: 5mV

Current Draw: 9A stereo, 13.5A mono
(level and xover at max, booster at 0dB)

Protection Circuitry: Short circuit, open circuit, RF burnout, over temp., speaker protection relays, Turn on/off transient protection, DC protection, and limiter circuitry

Temp. Protect: 60°C +/-5

Cooling: A low noise fan is utilized to draw cool air through the chassis using front and rear vents. Do not block the vents.

Power Requirements: 100 VAC 60Hz, 850VA
100-120 VAC 50/60Hz, 850VA
220-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 850VA

Dimensions: 19"W x 3.81"H x 15.62"D

Weight: 35 lb

Connections: RCA inputs, 5-way binding posts

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