Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference3 Loudspeakers (pair)

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Anthony Gallo Nucleus Reference3 Loudspeakers (pair)


The Gallo Acoustics Reference III forces me to create a new award category. ... This speaker combines so much unconventional thinking, novel applications and build quality in such a balanced, physically compact but sonically gargantuan and full-range design, and for such an exceedingly fair price that some drastic measure of formal recognition was required to truly separate it out from the crowds that make up the $3,000 - $10,000 floorstanding speaker field.


Anyone curious about the disproportionate amount of musical-value-for-money that Gallo has introduced to the market should have a listen to the R3s. Be prepared to ask serious questions about your prior spending. You may find that the Reference 3s are an offer you can't refuse.


The Nucleus Reference3 was designed with the performance conscious audiophile in mind. This elegant new model builds on the success of the original round sound designs, the Nucleus Solo and Nucleus Reference.

The Nucleus Reference3 is uniquely equipped to demonstrate the advantages of the leading high resolution formats, DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD. The Nucleus Reference3 offer extended high frequency response, and near omni directional (300 degree) dispersion. For the ultimate in neutrality and transparency, the Nucleus Reference3 operates without a crossover across most of its bandwidth -- from 125 Hz to 50 kHz!

Pair these loudspeakers with the Reference3 SA - 240 watts per side stereo/480 watts in mono subwoofer amplifier to enhance them by powering the second voice coil of their 10” drivers lowering the bass reponse to an impressive 22 Hz.


Frequency response: 34-Hz--50-kHz, +/- 3 dB

Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms

Sensitivity: 88 dB/1 Watt

Power handling, continuous: 350 Watts

Tweeter level adjustment: three position, - 2 dB, 0, and + 2 dB switch

Tweeter: CDT, 3 kHz—50 kHz, 300º dispersion

Midrange: Dual 4-inch carbon fiber drivers

Woofer: Custom made, long-throw 10-inch dual voice-coil driver

Dimensions: 35 inches high, 8 wide, and 16 deep

Weight: 47 lb

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