Ah! Tjoupsampler 24/192 Upsampling Board

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Ah! Tjoupsampler 24/192 Upsampling Board

What is an Upsampler?
An upsampler interpolates data, so while it cannot add any new information to the musical recording, it moves all the digital filters much higher out of the audio band. This allows for less steep filtration, and with much less harmonic infiltration into the audio band, giving more air and ease, among other benefits.

Are all 24/96 or 24/192 CD players upsampling?
Usually no. They may have 24 bit DAC's and filters that operate at 96 or 192khz, but that does not mean they upsample to 24 bits. The TjoUpsampler is a true upsampler, and the effects are immediate and noticeable via more midrange bloom and reality.

What is behind it's design?
The TjoUpsampler was designed by the company many would call the hottest engineering firm in the industry today, located in Switzerland. We do not want to mention names, but they do work for some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world. Companies like Audio Aero, Audiomeca, Manley Labs, Nagra, Orpheus Labs, and Talk Electronics. Most of these products cost 5 to 20 times what the Tjoeb does. Once the digital design was done (exclusively for the Tjoeb), the analog section was fine tuned. This has been a long process, requiring listening tests in the field by very experienced and well known audiophiles all over the world to get it just right. Just because you upsample does not guarantee results. Herman Van Den Dungen and the team in Holland know this, and the result is spot on!

How does it install?
It can be plugged in by anyone in the field in minutes. The board of the Tjoeb 4000 was designed with this upgrade in mind. It replaces the D/A converter and op amps, so if you buy the TjoUpsampler, there is no need to buy the Tjoeb Tjoens flavor kits.

Can it be used in any other CD player?
No. It will ONLY work in the Njoe Tjoeb 4000. It will not work in any other machine, and we cannot "make one" that will, sorry.

Enough! How does it sound?
WONDERFUL! I've done many comparisons against flagship players, including the Mark Levinnson No. 39, wich retails for $6000, and the Njoe Tjoeb holds its own! It sounds so open and resolving, the bass has proper weight and is very tight. But I think my favorite thing is how the midrange comes forward and voices take shape. I mean SHAPE. Like in front of you.


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