Ah! LS Noise Killers

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The Ah! LS Noise Killer is a filter that can help with ringing tweeters and top end hardness. They are especially effective for rooms and systems that are slightly bright and cause listening fatigue, and will not soften the top end to the point of losing "air".

Very popular with owners of B&W, NHT, Dynaudio, and any other speaker with a revealing top end.

Just hook them up to your speaker terminals. One wire goes to positive, one to negative, and there is no polarity so you can't do it wrong. If your speakers are bi-wire, hook them up to the tweeter terminals only.

The LS Noise Killers are only available from us with bare wire only. No spade or bananna plug terminations are needed.

The biggest bargain in high end? Some folks think so. They absolutely work.

The Ah! LS Noise Killers are electronic parts. They are not refundable once they have been mounted to your speakers.