Acoustic Zen Silver Bytes

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Silver Bytes Digital cable is a true 75-ohm impedance coaxial design, consisting of 20AWG multiple stranded Zero Crystal Silver and insulated with Air-injected PE foam. Both 100% copper foil and braid shielding prevent interferences of the complex harmonic digital waveform from EM and RF sources. This state-of-the-art design of the Silver Bytes keeps an extremely constant 75-ohm characteristic impedance at any given lengh.. The Silver Bytes reproduces a true to life soundstage with superior top-end extension and a harmonically rich presentation throughout the entire mid-band. Bass is deep, powerful and dynamic, all while allowing the listener to get a good feel for the amount of air and space that you previously have not experienced. Silver Bytes Digital cable is available in either AZT Zero Crystal RCA or BNC connector.